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Juliette is a multi-dimensional artist, visual storyteller, mystical magician dancing in the cosmos, and dedicated sacred space holder.


Aerial Silks. Fire Dancing.

Partnered Acrobatics.

Space Activator.

Immersive Experiences.

Visual Storyteller.

Inner Essence Portraits.

Journalistic Photography.

Groups. Retreats. Events.

Web & Graphic Design.

Meditation. Yoga. Breath. Embodied Movement.

Shaking Medicine.

Acro Yoga. Aerial Silks.

Women Circle. Ceremony.

"Juliette is undoubtedly the most creative and free-spirited person that I have ever met. Working with her was one of the most

liberating experiences I’ve had in my life."

About Juliette

Juliette is a multi-dimensional artist, continuously exploring the edges of her reality to discover new depths of expression.

She is a dedicated visual creator, and passionate body mover, and devoted facilitator.

"To be that which is needed in the moment."

Hence, the shape shifting, or rather, the shift shaper.


Originally from the French Alps, she grew up surrounded by the snowy mountain tops and luscious green forests. 


As the trees swayed and danced, so did she. She began to move from an early age, from dance to circus to gymnastics. She now encompasses these flow arts through performances and classes. Ballet and contemporary created a foundation, ecstatic dance and authentic relating brought in the heart's expression. She dances in the air through aerials, she plays with the sacred fire. Curiosity and inner child play guide her work.

At 6 years old, Juliette received her first camera.

A bulky yellow, blue and red machine that looked more like a toy than anything else. In a sense, it was a toy: to play with passionately.


Her artwork is inspired by the places she explores and the fascinating characters she encounters. Dramatic mountains, roaring oceans, dry deserts, or urban juggles where creative weirdos unapologetically speak their truth.


And lastly, come the healing arts.

The path of expression varies, from meditation to shaking medicine, from ceremony work to one on one photoshoot session, from energy work to therapeutic acroyoga. 

She lets herself be guided by the present moment, surrendering to each coming breath and listening with infinite care and attention.

Today, Juliette is committed to unveiling the secrets of her heart, to listen to the whispers of the lands that hold us, with the intention to co-create a world filled with harmony, reciprocity, play and joy.

She is currently in Portugal, but open to international travel.

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