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Circus artist

Juliette is a multi-dimensional circus artist.

She explores, plays, dances within various mediums. Aerial arts, fire dancing, partnered acrobatics...

She is passionate about discovering her inner characters and letting them roam and interact within this world of magic.

She will come activate your events with performances, and diverse mystical experiences as she flies, flows, dances through space.


“The world is full of magic,

patiently waiting for our senses

to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats 


Burning Man 2022

Temple Opening Ceremony

A Prayformance connecting Heaven & Earth


Empyrean Temple by Renzo Verbeck

20230108-Blue Lotus Retreat-060.jpg

"Juliette is a rockstar. I was honored to have her perform at a party we hosted, and it really leveled up the entire event. Her work is entertaining, surprising, and sexy. Most of all, she's a blast to have around. As she alternated between performance, dance, and play throughout the evening, she continued to delight the party and the guests. Juliette is always invited to any event that I host!"

-Shelby Clark

Holos, Costa Rica June 2022

SEnd an inquiry for booking.

Juliette will come activate your space with magic.

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