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Within the circle we remember.

Our sacred divine essence.

Our interconnectedness.

With each other.

With the earth.

This work is ancient. These tools are of the earth.

Rather than learning something new, we are remembering a part of us,

that is alive from so deep within.

I believe in creating and holding sacred safe spaces for us to explore our depths, our inner essence, our play, our divinity, our ancient roots.

For us to feel from deep within.

Our bodies are a sacred guide, every moment sharing with us information, responding, shifting, alchemizing. These tools bring us to a place of deep listening, so we can support our nervous systems,

health and well being.

There is the world we see with our bare eye, the physical manifestation.

And there is also, a vast ocean of infinite invisible energies

in constant motion.

My role as a facilitator is to hold space for us to explore these more subtle places and inner states. As a result, we find a deeper connection within ourselves and every elements that weaves within our world,

and with it greater meaning for our lives.


"I was immediately drawn to what looked like working with gravity to open the body.
The acroyoga experience was delicious and profound for me.

I felt my spine recalibrate in the very first position. There were tiny places in my spine that adjusted consecutively and I felt a profound release.

In addition to this beautiful body work, Juliette herself holds an energetically clean space that was perfect for me to release some deeply seeded emotions of grief and sadness. In her gentle and light presence I was able to connect to those emotions and then later free myself and fly in her capable hands, and feet! Yes feet because she uses her feet to hold you up in these beautiful poses. Like a parent holding their child in a Superman pose. Thank you Juliette for helping me to feel how it is to “fly”!"


Meditation. Yoga. Breath.

Embodied Movement.

Shaking Medicine.

Acro Yoga & Aerial Silks.

Women Circle.

Ceremony & Plant medicine.

Available for 1:1 sessions, groups, retreats, corporate, and special events.

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Within the circle, we remember.

"I joined the Juliette and Teagan’s Women’s Cirlce this winter where we got nourished with cacao, sisterhood, and ritual. Juliette is a goddess and divine leader and powerful holder of space. I see her wisdom and worldly experiences which transmute through her work as a facilitator. I’m looking forward to the next gathering of the year!

Santa Barbara”

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